The MVP Experience

The Sport Clips Haircuts of Austin - Parkline MVP Haircut Experience

Nothing knocks it out of the park just like our MVP Experience. After you get a precision MVP haircut, score one of our legendary hot towel treatments, a refreshing shampoo application and calming neck and shoulder treatment. We even let you add to your MVP Experience so you feel like the real champion.

Precise Hairstyles

If you want to perform well, you've gotta look your best. Our team of Guy-Smart Stylists can do the sharpest hairstyles for men across Austin. Before we start, we offer a no-cost consultation to show you precisely what you're getting. Haircuts and trims for guys is where we excel, so you can always expect an MVP look.

Legendary Hot Towel Treatment

The MVP Experience comes with a famous hot towel treatment. Our hot towels soothe your facial hairs, so regardless if you need a trim or full shave, it'll be comfortable. Go ahead, baby your beard.

Massaging Shampoo

Leave dandruff and dry hair in the penalty box because Sport Clips uses tea tree shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Tea tree oil soaks into your hair and scalp, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. We give you the salon-quality treatment fit for an all-star to keep your new hairstyle looking hydrated.

Rejuvenating Neck and Shoulder Massage

For the final inning of the MVP experience, we give you a neck and shoulder massage. Paired with our fast, friendly service, it's the perfect ending to your visit. Sit back, unwind and watch the game at Parkline Sport Clips. The only thing missing is the beer and wings.