The Triple Play Experience

Haircut near me in Austin, TX.

Nothing knocks it out of the park quite like our Triple Play Treatment. Where else can you enjoy a precision hairstyle, steamed towel and shampoo massage for men? You also have the option to extend your Triple Play Experience into extra innings.

Precision Haircuts

A man's natural habitat isn't the salon seat, but a guy has to look his best. Our lineup of Guy-Smart Stylists deliver the sharpest hairstyles for men throughout Austin. Before we begin, we provide a no-cost consultation to show you exactly what to expect. Haircuts and shaves for men are where we excel, so you can always expect an all-star look.

Famous Steamed Towel Wrap

The Triple Play Experience comes with an epic hot towel wrap. Whether you want a complete shave or just a close cleanup, the heat from our towel sooths your whiskers, giving you a comfortable cut. Go ahead, pamper your beard.

Tea Tree Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner

Sport Clips has tea tree shampoo and leave-in conditioner, letting you say goodbye to damaged hair. Tea tree oil is great for your scalp, fights dandruff and promotes hair growth. All this while enjoying sports on any of our big screen TVs. The only thing missing is the beer and wings.